M Scott Galles

I first found a love for art very early in life. Throughout middle and high school I was always drawing, so I pursued it with courses in a myriad of mediums, drawing, painting, and sculpting, for example. It was in College that I started studying photography. What I found so intriguing was the bridge between light and time, art and logic. However; a passion for understanding light and a desire to create visually stimulating art doesn't always pay the bills. I worked in the food service industry for many years. Over the course of that time, I found an appreciation for human interaction. I enjoyed meeting new people, and hearing their stories. At one point some friends saw my work and asked that I take photos of their wedding in 2008. It was there that my talented eye for composition and keen skill of observation shined. Priding myself on capturing each moment with a creative perspective. Dedicating myself to forging fine visual images, both artistically and photographically. Due to my experiences in my studies and service, every project, wedding, event, portrait and image was attacked with enthusiasm, responsibility, and most importantly... fun.

“Those who wonder, discover that this is in itself a wonder.” — M. C. Escher

Untitled photo

Artist Statement

Time, however impossible to manipulate, is relative. As a single moment frozen in a photo for eternity, or a work of art keeping undivided attention for hours, it is a wonder. To capture this wonder, and manipulate the relativity of time is a passion. Acquiring the precious moments and memories in a photo, and grasping attention while conjuring emotion in a drawing; it is hoped to invoke a certain appreciation in life that is easily overlooked.

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